British Library Conservation Center

With more paintings than the National Gallery, the British Library’s Conservation Center does much more that conserve books. Their collections span every culture in the world such as textiles from Asia and Africa, costumes, clothing, metals, ceramics, and stones. The teams in the Conservation Center prioritize what to conserve once a year by talking with a specialist who provides suggestions.


They focus on conservation as well as preventative conservation such as disaster plans and environmental factors. The conservation center has an eclectic staff including a science research team chemist, an imaging scientist, and a digitization team. They have conserved high profile items such as the Lindsfarne Gospels and the Magna Carta.

The conservation center always have a wide variety of projects happening at once. Walking through various tables and desks, one would see items ranging from ancient scrolls that haven’t been touched in over a 1,000 years to flags from the East India Trading Co. form 1777-1779. The conservators are skilled in their craft and each work on a specific project that utilizes their specialties.



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